Meet Monica Burchfield, M.A.

We are proud to introduce to you, Monica  Burchfield, our lead instructor at The Master Class. She holds a Master's degree in English from Georgia State University and has been teaching at all grade levels through the college level, since 2007. Monica has led writing workshops for elementary and middle schools to foster enthusiasm for writing and dispel any myths that reading and writing have to be tedious and impractical.  She currently runs the writing program at a local private middle school.

Monica has a passion for empowering children with the thinking and writings skills necessary for communication and self-expression, and because of this, has spent time hosting creative writing groups for at-risk teenage girls in shelters. Monica is a mother to five young children and loves the challenge, insights, comedy, and chaos that comes with this gift! Monica leads always with warmth, patience, and structure to ensure your child feels at ease and open to learning.